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5 Books to help you get in touch with your body

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

My favourite author on movement! Katy makes the important distinction between exercise and 'movement', which we all do, everyday. Author of a number of books, and biomechanics specialist, her website 'Nutritious Movement' i is a joy to read and an incredibly useful resource!

Mark Walsh's newly released book, 'Embodiment' is insightful and fresh, and as he says ,'cuts the hippy BS'. Walsh talks about how, in contemporary life, we often lose touch with our bodies, rush around, feeling tense, off-balance and hooked on technology. His observations on feeling liberated in your own body in a 'movement phobic culture' make for an enjoyable read.

Newly released (Jan 1st!) book from Kelly McGonigal, (who wrote 'The Upside of Stress') on how exercise helps us find hope, happiness, connection and courage. She explores movement as a helpful antidote to the modern epidemics of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. The 'persistence high', 'co operative high' (synchronising movements with others), and green (environmental) movement are also covered.

A somatic (body based) approach to healing from trauma and PTSD, exploring the biology of trauma, with useful information and exercises. There's now substantial evidence (from scans), for how trauma creates physical changes in the brain. If you've ever suspected there is a physical side to your emotional trauma or PTSD, this would be a useful addition to add to your reading list, alongside classics such as 'Waking The Tiger' by Peter Levine and 'The Body Keeps The score' by Bessel Van Der Kolk.

A surprising and beautiful book, and a must read for anyone interested in psychosomatic health or recovering from an illness or injury where the mind/body component is relevant. Schubiner's video, 'Explaining chronic pain: The role that stress plays and the creation of learned nerve pathways', and 'The mystery of chronic pain' by Elliot Krane are an illuminating watch if you'd like to explore more regarding that. Aside from that, this book is also an amazing and effective resource for anyone who'd like to learn to get deeply in touch with their emotions, (Pete Walker's 'The Tao Of Fully Feeling' is also good); which is something most of us are not taught how to do, and don't have as process for.

(I'm including links to amazon book pages purely for the ease of finding out more about the books!) Let me know your favourite 'get in touch with your body' books/resources in the comments below! Hypnotherapy is an excellent process for getting in touch with your body and emotions. If you’d like to know more about how it works, or you'd like help motivating yourself to take better care of yourself and your body, get in touch KAREN HAYLEY BA (Hons) C.Hyp SICH.D.Hyp. SICH.CNLP Practitioner

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