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What happens in a session?

As a cognitive hypnotherapist, I am trained to first carefully work through the presenting issues in a face-to-face consultation with the client. I spend a lot of time getting to know you, and may use therapeutic techniques at this stage. Once familiar with the issues at stake, and once we are mutually agreed on a workable therapy plan, 

I'll take you into hypnosis. Finally, I'll give you tools and techniques and MP3s (tailored audio recordings) to take home with you.

Each session is different and tailored to the client’s individual needs. No two sessions is the same. Hypnotherapy is a collaborative experience.  I work as a facilitator. Enabling you to access those parts of your mind which could change you. To achieve those outcomes that will benefit you most. I'm here to help you set yourself free. Hypnosis is not mind control. It is more akin to a skill you can learn to use for yourself.

How does hypnotherapy work for so many different issues? (E.g., public speaking, anxiety, pain management, weight management, addictions, lack of confidence, etc.)

The answer lies with the fact that hypnotherapy works directly with your relationship to your issues. With a great many issues, there is an element of subconscious involvement, not usually addressed with stand-alone, conventional talking therapies, which can be powerfully disrupted, changed or altered with hypnosis. Whenever there are unconscious habitual or automatic learned behaviours, reactions, relationships or thought patterns, hypnotherapy can be extremely effective.

Can I be hypnotised? Is it to do with being gullible?

Contrary to popular belief hypnosis has nothing to do with being gullible. It is a skill you can learn. Learning to use your brain flexibly! (Bell curve)

What does hypnosis feel like?

Whilst the experience varies from person to person, hypnosis is a natural state. All experience light hypnotic states like daydreaming on a daily basis, And a hypnagogic state when drifting off to sleep at night or waking in the morning. It may feel familiar, like being very absorbed in a good movie, or being lost in thought whilst driving on the motorway. It is a physically relaxing experience, like slipping into a comfortable bed. You certainly don't need to do anything to make it happen but rather allow it to happen.

Is there any research around it? Is it scientifically proven?

Yes. You can checkout the latest research in the Science and Hypnosis Section

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely safe. You will come round. You won't be embarrassed or lose your self control. As a therapist, I am simply on a journey with you. I am here to help you set yourself free. I'm here to unlock the power and potential within you, the client.

Where and when can I see you?

I have two easy to reach, centrally located clinics in Wimbledon & Epsom. You can also work with me online. (See below).

In person appointments:

Weekdays               10.00 to 21.00

Weekends               10.00 to 19.00


Online appointment with MP3 via Skype, Vsee or Zoom: (Please see my post, 'How does online Hypnotheray combined with bespoke MP3s work?')

Open Daily 10.00 to 17.00


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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person